Four Weeks Post Op

Four weeks is a big one!  I had my doctor’s appointment and my last diet class.  I’ve been cleared to lift more than 5 pounds, and I can ‘submerge’ again.  Meaning I can go swimming or lay in the bathtub if I want.  I love the bathtub.  Anyway . . . My diet progression now includes cereal, canned tuna, canned chicken and CHEESE!  Lol, it’s funny the things that get you excited after you’ve been surviving on protein shakes for a month.
Every week I’ve been taking my picture so I can see the differences in my body.  Since it was the four week mark, I thought I would put the pictures side by side to see if I looked any different.  This is what I came up with:


My ‘before’ picture is the first day I started my two week liquid diet.  The second picture is me at four weeks out from surgery.  I’m down 28 pounds and feeling great! (Especially now that I can take baths and eat cheese, just not at the same time.  Lol)

Last night I made up a little ricotta bake.  Inspired by Shelly from Eggface.  She makes a whole muffin tin, I just had enough ricotta for one.

4 Tbs. Lowfat ricota
1 egg, beaten
Mix together in a ramekin with some salt and pepper
Top with some spaghetti sauce
Bake at 350 for 25 minutes
Top with 1 Tbs shredded lowfat mozzarella
Put under broiler until golden brown and gooooooey

Here’s a pic:


Isn’t that ramekin adorable?!  My mother in law gave me that a few years ago and at the time I was like “What am I ever going to make in something that small?!”  Now I can only eat half!


I cried a little

Let’s start this off by saying I am not a fashionista.  I never have been.  I suppose it’s because I never really fit into the ‘cool clothes’.  I was the one in school that had to get clothes in the plus size woman department of the store.  Usually this was done while crying quietly in the dressing room.

My wonderful ‘daughter’ (my husbands daughter from his first marriage) is two years older than me.  Weird right?!  We’ve all gotten used to each other and love each other now.  But it was a journey to get here.  Anyway . . . She is losing weight too.  The natural way, and I couldn’t be more proud!!  She also has awesome taste in clothes, and she gave me two GIANT garbage bags full of clothes this week.

I took it upon myself to clean out my closet to make room for all my new lovely clothes.  So, in reality, it meant trying on every piece of clothing I had to see what fit and what didn’t. 

As I was going through the closet, I came to a shirt I really liked, but it always fit weird.  You know, my big belly made it too short and bunchy.  So, I tried it on, and it fit PERFECT!  And I cried.  I cried because I’ve lost about 26 pounds so far, but I didn’t really think it would make that big of a difference.  I cried because I looked awesome in the shirt that sat in my closet.  I cried because I had clothes that were too big on me.  I cried for all the times that younger girl had to wear plus size woman clothes while all the girls in my class got to wear the ‘cool’ clothes.  I cried because I knew it was different this time!  I’m on my way down the scale, for once!!

I survived!

My surgery is over!  I went in at noon on July 28, 2014.  They brought me to my room, and I changed into the cool gown.  Lol.  Then my husband and I waited a little while.  The nurses came in eventually to do the pre-op questions, and they put in my IV.  That was the hardest part!  The nurse thought she had a good vein, but it ended up ‘blowing out’.  And I was left with this:

Pretty, right?! Anyway, after they got my IV in, and asked me all the same questions three times. (Why do they do that??!) They wheeled me down to the pre surgery department. I think it hit me then. There were a lot of serious looking people in scrubs down there! I talked with the anesthesiologist, and signed some paper work, and he gave me a little ‘calm down medicine’. Then I said goodbye to my husband, who was having a harder time with all this than me! And they wheeled me into the surgery. I had to slide over on another table, they put some nice warm blankets on me and that’s all I remember!
I woke up in my hospital room. I was still very groggy but I found out later that my ‘one hour’ stay in recovery turned out to be a two and a half hour stay in recovery. I don’t know why, no one ever told me. I was in a lot of pain. Luckily they had my pain pump on my IV, so I could just push it when I felt bad. I was in the hospital for two night, and three days. It was definitely harder than I thought it would be. Trying to sleep in those hospital beds is hard, having nurses come in every 30 minutes is hard! I eventually got to come home and after I hugged my boys, I went right to bed and slept!!

Surgery Day

It’s finally here!  I can’t believe that it’s surgery day already!  My surgery starts at 2 pm, and I have to be at the hospital at noon.  I’m feeling a little nervous, I’ve never had a major surgery before.  But mostly, I’m calm.  This process has taken me a year to complete, with all of the ‘pre-requirements’.  I’ve had to have 6 months of doctor supervised weight loss.  (I lost three pounds.)  I’ve had to have an upper GI done.  I’ve had to go to a therapist.  I started all of this in July 2013.  A year ago!
Here’s what I look like on my surgery day!


I weigh 261.2, so I’ve lost 6.6 pounds on the two week liquid diet.  Not bad, but not the best either.  I followed the diet exactly.  This just proves to me that I need something more drastic to lose weight.  Most people would lose a lot more weight on a purely liquid diet for two weeks!  My body, for some strange reason, wants to hold on to all this ‘extra’.

You mean I have to ‘eat’ liquids for two weeks?!

Well, I’ve done it!  TWO WEEKS of a liquid pre-op diet.  I’ve heard that some doctors only recommend a two day liquid diet.  I wish!!  This was HARD!  I had to preorder a diet ‘kit’ from a company called Better MD.  They send you protein shakes and a couple ‘soups’.  The shakes tasted good.  There were a lot of variety in the shakes.  Like chocolate mint, strawberry, mocha, dark chocolate (my fav!), and plain ole’ vanilla.  The hardest part for me was making food for my sons.  (I have three!)  Pizza and chicken strips and french fries. Lol.  My doctor recommends a two week diet because it helps shrink the liver before surgery.  And it helps people get used to the protein shakes.  The good news is that I’ve lost 10 pounds!  I’m taking a picture of myself every week, here’s my starting pic:


My starting weight was 268.8.  That means my BMI is 40.7.  I’m having the vertical sleeve gastrectomy on Monday.  My goal is to lose 120 pounds.  That will put me at a BMI of 22.5, in the normal range for adults.  It will also eliminate my pre-diabetes, PCOS, and help my quality of life.  With three young sons, that is my main goal.  Tomorrow is fruit punch protein shakes mixed with water, and at least 68 ounces of water.  (I’ve been doing 120 ounces a day, so that will be easy!)  No dairy, or any of the regular shakes, or soups.